Thursday, July 22, 2010

Survivor - Day 1...

and I feel great!  My incision for the tumor removal feels amazingly OK, and the biopsy site is only slightly tender.  I'm going with the Arthritis-strength Tylenol today as I don't think I really need the Vicodin.  I took it last night to be sure I didn't experience any pain, but it didn't keep me asleep. Tonight I'll try the Tylenol with my prescription sleeping pill - it works great for a good night's sleep.   Of course, I had quite a long "nap" yesterday afternoon so maybe that's why I woke up at 3:45 and took forever to get back to sleep.  And I was hungry!!!

Today I need to call the Breast Surgeon's office to schedule an appt for next week to get stitches removed and she has to do something with these Mammosite tubes.  And I need to contact the Oncology Radiologist to set up the 5 day radiation program.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I made the decision to do the surgery first and have the Sentinel Node Biopsy.  Although things could change in the final pathology report, the preliminary one showed no cancer cells in the node.   Had I done chemo prior to surgery, I would have never known the status of the nodes.  Knowledge is power!



  1. Glad you're home and feeling better than you thought you would. Now, stay in the recliner...yep, feet up and quiet...that'll be the tough part. All the positive energy going your direction...Debbie ;D

  2. Michelle,

    I agree with your Debbie, relax and don't overdue.

    I'm so glad this is going so well.


  3. Yes, knowledge IS power! You're right, Michelle.
    I always like to read up on things before doing them. I also like knowing what's going to happen, and all the good and bad that can happen.

    So happy things are going well with you today. What a relief!


  4. Yeah! And just because you feel great today...don't overdo it. Keep your fanny parked and your feet up. I'm under the firm conviction that the day after any surgery, we're still flying on the adrenalin rush!

    As for waterproofing for bathing, as an [old] Scout Leader, I recommend duct tape and garbage bags. The bonus with this method is hair removal and exfoliation! Ha ha ha!

  5. O.K. Angela has me cracking up. She's right, though. LOL.

    Michelle, you sound like you are doing amazingly well. It's great you don't need the Vicodin. Can you believe I developed a terrible, itchy rash while taking those? Yep, highly allergic.

    Any idea when the final path report will be out? Medicine has come so far these days when dealing with a disease such as cancer. My girlfriend just finished up with the chemo and radiation and she did not have the mammosite radiation. Your mentioning this type of rad is the first time I've heard of it. Almost along the line of radiation pellets they use for prostate cancer.

    Now don't go and start scratching the site as it starts healing. I know the compulsion can get very strong.

    You are so right when you say knowledge is power. It is unbelievable how many people go in "blind" so to speak and just do what the doctor says to do, thinking there are no better alternatives.

    You are probably going bonkers not being able to do the things you normally do. But you GOT TO REST.

    Take care and look forward to see how well you are doing.


  6. Take the 3 R's Michelle.

    Rest, Relax and Recuperate.

    I just mentioned this morning a quote a recently departed friend had. It is the same you used:

    Knowledge is Power!!

    Angela cracks me up today!


  7. Girl, you rock! Looks like you chose the best course of action for your situation.