Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bev - the Energizer Bunny

Those of you who worked with me at Sprint and Embarq remember Bev Noecker.  She battled breast cancer for 25 years and her spirit was and still is an inspiration to me.   I wanted her to see how many people were there supporting the Komen Foundation and Breast Cancer Research.  She was too weak to walk the course because she had bone and brain mets at the time.  But we were able to get her in with the group of survivors at the end of the race and have her surrounded by her sister survivors. 

She always wore a smile!

Please join me if you can on Sunday, August 8th.  The race starts at 7:30 a.m. and it's over in about an hour.  I guarantee that if you've never participated before, you will be in awe of the number of people who participate and the camaraderie that you will experience.   Walk in memory of Bev and others who have been taken too early by this dreadful disease.  Walk in celebration of me, and Lori, and Donna, and Angie, and all the other women you know who are fighting the good fight. 


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  1. If I lived near you, I'd walk with you, Michelle.
    I walked with my two friends every year we did "Relay for Life" in Morgan Hill. They would sleep over in tents, and we would bring hot chocolate or coffee and food. I got a group together, too, and we would spend 2-4 hours at the tent site and walk the perimeter with everyone. We lit candles with decorated bags of women and men, survivors or not, painted by high school students. It was quite an experience walking around seeing the lit bags with beautiful watercolor painted designs on them with people's names.