Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back from today's medical adventures and I'm feeling optimistic

We showed up at the Menorah Breast Center about 7:20 - no traffic. And so early the center was not even ready to register us.  But the hospital admitting staff took care of things, I got my little bracelet and by then we were ready to go in...and wait, of course.  They brought me in a little after 8:00.  The Ultrasound technician was shocked by the look of my breast, asked if the doctor performing biopsy had applied pressure.  I knew that he did, but perhaps not for long enough.  She said that every needle track and the cavity left from the biopsy was full of blood.  And it will be more than a month before it recovers.  Well, at least I feel validated that I wasn't being a!

Now, for the results...all was clean.  No sign of trouble.  She had anticipated some "reactive" nodes due to the biopsy trauma and she tried really hard to find something.  She looked high and low, left and right, everywhere and there was nothing.  Yeahhh!!!

We left with the good news and went to First Watch for breakfast.  Then we headed back to Blue Springs, went back to Walgreen's, signed in to the Take Care Clinic, and I got my shingles vaccine without much trouble.  Mission accomplished!

Now I am going to quickly check email, then shut down the computer, get myself moving, and do some much needed "picking up" around the house before Allison arrives around 3:00 or so.



  1. Good news, indeed, Michelle. Just what you needed.


  2. it sounds like a good start to this journey. Hope everything else goes as smoothly. Hang in there girl!


  3. Super duper!!!!!

    Have a nice visit with Allison


  4. My sister in law had the same diagnosis about a year and a half ago. She did the radiation to shrink it, then the surgery to remove what was left, then additional chemo and radiation afterward. She has been cancer free for over 6 months now... hair is growing back CURLY!!!! Your form of breast cancer seems a lot like hers, and she is doing fine... slowly getting back to her pace and strength she had prior to cancer... but all in all doing well.... she is 62. Keep your chin up, and take each day as you can.. Diane Thoman

  5. Remember - you are never a baby. It's just that some days are easier than others. I'm so glad to hear that things went well this morning.


  6. Hooray for some good news! That sounds like this was caught early and you can expect a very positive result.


  7. Stay strong. Your in my thoughts and prayers.
    Mom said to say Hi and she too will include you in her prayers.


  8. How did I miss all this? I didn't realize you've been commenting every day, Michelle.