Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lunch today at Max's Autodiner

Hoping to see some of my KC friends at Max's Autodiner at 80th and Wornall today.  I'll be there at 11:45.  If you've never been there, it's a little place where you order inside then eat out on patio tables.  It's very inexpensive but the burgers are highly rated.  There's a big parking lot next door. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!

We should arrive Wednesday mid-afternoon if everything goes as planned.  We are leaving NH, tomorrow morning and plan to drive to Bedford, PA.  Rick has made hotel reservations so we won't be hunting for a hotel at the last minute.  Tuesday's destination is just outside Indianapolis.  You can tell we are getting older - in the past we would aim for 12 hours of driving.  Now that we can take our time, 8 hours is the goal.

I had chemo last Wednesday but I needed a transfusion on Friday.  My next treatment is scheduled for 6/26 but we'll likely push it off for a week.  I could use the break, to be honest.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tumor markers...

188.5!!!   Loving gemzar, tumor markers down from 275!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Wednesday, another treatment

We showed up at 8:30, on time for our appointment, I had taken my pre-meds, and my blood draws were quick.  We met with the PA and were out of his office at about 9:45 but the chemo wasn't administered until about 10:45.  I don't know why it takes so long but it makes me crazy.  The chemo takes 30 minutes.  So we spend a lot of time sittin' and waitin'. 

I requested a prescription for Marinol as there has been a lot of recent press about it being very effective.  So we 'll see how that goes.  I've tried other variations of MJ and really haven't liked any of it.  And then there's the part where it doesn't seem to have any real effect on me.

We picked up my sister and went to lunch at the British Beer Company.  I had half a reuben, and Rick and Mona shared a pizza that looked pretty good.  We'll have to go back when I'm in the mood for pizza. 
That's about all the news until I get the results of the CA27-29 tumor markers.  If you remember, they were 275 at the last check.  With any luck, they will drop another 50%...a girl can dream!  I'll let you know when I hear.