Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mammosite Radiation - treatments underway

As it turns out, yesterday was all about the prep work. Measurements, two CT scans because they had a hard time getting everything into exactly the right position. Plus my breast cavity had air in it, so they had to "massage" it out of there so that the tissue was making contact with the balloon. It's a very interesting process, and very labor-intensive. I must have 10 different people involved between the CT scans, the treatment, and then re-dressing the tube insertion area.

I had my first treatment this morning - it was a little before 10 by the time they turned on the machine because, once again, it took 2 CT Scans to make sure everything was in its proper place and they had to massage away the air from the cavity. You would think I was "pumping me up" with an inflater!!! And I was out of there by 10:15. It will be interesting to see how I'm feeling after a couple of days. But I will have two days off for the weekend, so maybe I won't even notice any unusual fatigue. Honestly, this whole roller-coaster ride has sapped my energy, and after radiation is finished I need to get "moving" so that my blood sugar numbers remain good.

My next appointment is at 3 this afternoon, but the treatment will begin no sooner than 3:50 because there has to be at least 6 hours between rads.
For the curious, here's a link to a little video that explains what happens:

And here's a little more detailed explanation of the Mammosite process:

Technology is so fascinating!


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