Thursday, July 8, 2010

"A force to be reckoned with"

Elaine - thanks for that!  It gives me the confidence to continue to get the information I need to make informed decisions.  My doctors will learn this about me and if they can't handle it, they can't be my doctor.

I managed to get 5 minutes with my wonderful PCP this morning after the labs, and she is very supportive of having surgery first.  I need to temper her enthusiasm with her opinion that she would go straight for the mastectomy.  Her mom had breast cancer, so I understand where she's coming from.

She understands my need for the numbers, for the information.  Maybe she'll communicate with the rest of the team, so that they all "get it."  In the meantime, I will remain insistent.

Now Allison and I are going for a pedicure!


  1. Girl, you stand your ground! Sometimes doctors get so caught up in their own self-importance that they fail to realize that many patients know how to take charge of their own destiny. Many of us no longer take the "doctor is always right" approach to our health care.

    We want to be able to make informed decisions.


  2. We all have to be our own "cheerleader". As Sandi said we are past the days when no one would question a doctor. We know ourselves best and if the doctor doesn't want to listen then you will have to find one that does. I am proud of what you are doing for yourself and how thorough you are.