Monday, July 12, 2010

Cancer has received its eviction notice!

I saw the breast surgeon this morning and we have a plan.   Next Monday, after I get back from New Hampshire, we will head over to Menorah and I will have an MRI at 8 p.m.  This is just to make sure there are no surprises lurking in my body.  On Tuesday, I will go to Menorah for pre-op stuff, and on Wednesday I report at 11 a.m. for surgery scheduled at 1:30.   If all goes well, I will be able to have the 5 day Mammosite radiation instead of the 33 day plan.  We did another ultrasound today and she thought everything still looked good and not "bigger" as the oncologist had indicated.  He was feeling hematomas...I'm still loaded with them.

So the only scary part is if something happens Monday to delay flights.  There is no room for's just how it had to be scheduled.  I will be begging to get on a plane to get back to KC in time for the MRI, should weather or something else wreak havoc on our anticipated arrival time. 

I will meet with a new oncologist at KU Med the following week.  That is a good thing. 

OK, on to New Hampshire for family, friends, beach, lobster, clams, and music.  And very little cancer talk because mom will be with me most of the time.

Things are looking up!


  1. Michelle, I'm so proud of you. You have all your ducks lined up in a row, and going full steam ahead. Have a great time with your mom! Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like a plan. Have fun with your mom and family and it will be good to not have to talk cancer for a couple of days.

    Hope the weather is okay for all of this.


  3. Things look good. I'll pray for that plane to take off and land on time. Enjoy yourself with your family and friends and your mom.

  4. I love having a plan.

    So - now we add prayers for good weather and cooperative airlines!!

  5. Great news, Michelle.

    Hope you enjoy yourself thoroughly with Mom and the rest of your family.

    I'm adding my prayers for good weather and cooperation on all ends.


  6. Everything is falling into place. I'm so happy for you. If (God forbid) you run into problems on the flight back, don't be afraid to rely on the kindness of strangers. A number of years ago I was in New Haven and then after the dog show (my guy was participating) my plan was to head to Minneapolis for a biopsy of my transplanted kidney (I was having some problems). Unfortunately, a major nor'easter hit and we got stuck in Hartford waiting for the weather to clear. There were all kinds of false starts (had to delay the biopsy a couple of days) but eventually we were scheduled to head out, but got shifted again. I got on the flight (they took my medical stuff into consideration) but Mom didn't. A nice young man gave up his seat without prompting so that Mom could continue on with me. He lost an extra day visiting with his family that he hadn't seen in over a year so that we could travel together. The good news is that you will meet people like this along your rough journey. Hopefully you will meet lots of them.


  7. Sounds like you will have a good time in NH.

    Enjoy your self and try not to think about the surgery too much. With the research and planning you have done I think you mind will be at ease. I know mine was when I went in.


  8. Michelle, I've been reading and hoping all would work out...As you know I think Menorah is a great place, your surgeon is good and the Mammosite is the best option for you.

    Have a blast in NH. I'm getting a new Grandchild next Wed or I would be at the hospital with you.

  9. Hang in there kiddo! Having a plan is half the battle, so hopefully you feel some relief in having chosen a few options. Once you wake up from surgery, think about this... Welcome to your first day of recovery from breast cancer! It's out and it's gone. The next steps are about preventing recurrance. KU is a wonderfully admired cutting edge hospital and set of caretakers- they make their marks by taking tough cases, and I guarantee you will not be the first person with diabetes who has been treated there- and sailed through with flying colors! I hope your dr. mtg goes well. But if it still doesn't feel right, don't give up. Schedule something with the other 2 KUCC docs I gave you. You have time- use it to make the right decisions you feel the best about, sista! I promise very soon that you'll get your life back and this will just be many memories of a character-building life chapter! Remember that worry is lot like rocking in a chair- you're doing something but getting nowhere. Focusing on your decisions, plan and the joy of family and friends are the best medicine!