Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's out of surgery!!!

Mom is out of surgery.  The lymph nodes are clear and surgery went very well.  They put the placeholders in for the mamosite radiation.  The tumor measured 3cm.  She's in recovery right now.  It will be another 2 hours before we can see her.



  1. Great news! Please say hi to your mom for me.

  2. Great news! Best wishes for a speedy recovery Michelle!

  3. Tell Michelle- welcome to her first day of recovery from cancer! Day 1 survivor! I will pray for good health and healing, a speedy recovery. Hang in there!

    Things the doc may not have told her before surgery. Please pass these along once she is semi-coherent.

    1) I hope mom doesn't plan on sleeping uninterrupted, as they will come and poke and prod about every hour, and she will feel like she is on display, but hopefully the drugs will make her not care and it's all well intentioned.

    2) Nurses are often slow in answering the call button. I gave it the 10 minute rule and buzzed again, and again, and again. Mom deserves to get her needs met- inefficient nurses and all. Alli- your job while you're there is to advocate for mom's needs. If you guys make nice with a nurse and ask them about themselves, showing that you care about them, it tends to make you higher on their priority list.

    3) beware of loopy conversations. Whatever mom says, if it's a very strange comment then those would be the wonderful drugs talking. Just enjoy and use those comments against her later. ;)

    4) Very important, all the plumbing stops working for about a day for every hour under general anesthesia. If all else fails, tell mom to plug her nose and try hot prune juice this week!!!! Yum!!!