Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mother Daughter Time!

Today after my first radiation treatment, Allison and I had a little "girlie girl" time and had manicures, pedicures and then went to lunch. Check out the pink ribbons! She's going home tomorrow after a month here, I will miss her and her "devil dog" Oreo!

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  1. Michelle, prettiful! Great way to relax and unwind.


  2. Michelle - Love it! It must be so nice to have a daughter to share those "girlie" things. Somehow I can't imagine getting my nails done with Will or Chris!!!


  3. Wow! I love the pink ribbons on the toe nails! I do believe you may have started a trend.

    I'm glad you had a good time with your daughter. So, why doesn't Oreo have pink toe nails - lol?

  4. What a fantastic thing to do, Michelle! What stories those toes will tell! You have a very special relationship with your daughter.

    Whose idea was it to get those? Have you seen this before?


  5. I love the tootsie ribbons. Yeah!


  6. I told Allison I was going to do it so I'd have them for the race for the cure. I have Merrills that are athletic sandals and I'll walk in those, so people would see it. She decided to do it, too. We had to show the nail stylist my keychain which has a ribbon on it. I don't think she'd done it before and Allison's came out a bit better, but it was fun and cool!