Friday, July 2, 2010

Got a call from the breast surgeon's office...

as I expected I might. She is not happy with the timing of the oncologist appt on the14th, so her office is  the riskworking on getting something at another onco that they work with for early next week.  It's's a holiday week and people are on vacation.  Those that are not are twice as busy. 

I do feel I am being pushed a bit to make decisions without all the facts.  Time IS of the essence but I am NOT going to agree to chemo without the Oncotype information, regardless of who tells me it's "not that bad."  Yup, it's doable and I will do it if it's medically necessary.  But if the risk of side effects outweighs the risk of recurrence, then why do I want to agree to do it???  I've got to have the facts.  If that means we proceed with surgery first, then so be it...I can deal with that and radiation as they are the unavoidable actions. 

I think if I told the surgeon to go forward with the lumpectomy, it would happen in a couple of weeks.  So I don't need to travel anywhere to make that happen.  Where I may want the second opinion is the chemo and follow-on hormone treatment. 

The good/bad news, once 5:00 today rolls around, the doctor offices are closed and I won't hear anything until Monday.   It will be a "no cancer discussion" zone for a couple of days.

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