Friday, April 29, 2011

Yay, we have found our new place in NH

After a week of back and forth with Realtors, we have finally found our new home in Salem, NH.  It is a little lake house (1144 sq ft) with 900 sq ft of waterfront decking.  The landlord is building a new home and has offered us a 6/15 occupancy, which we can make work.

I have scheduled my appointment with my new oncologist at Dana Farber for May 18th, and I have an appointment with my new plastic surgeon on May 17th.  I'll stay with our friends, Ann & Jack, for a couple of days so Ann can help me maneuver through the maze of medical facilities.  I'll spend the rest of my time getting my mom settled and visiting my kids.  It's likely I will start treatment before 6/15 so we'll have to work out who will be in the best position to be my support when the time comes. 

We have started packing up the "non-essentials" at mom's place.  Joe and I got her kitchen totally packed up today.  Not sure how much room she'll have for stuff that she doesn't really need.  All her meals are provided and I don't think she's used any kitchen stuff for the whole time she's been here. 

And I placed a classified ad in Craigslist to lease our house.  I actually got a call this evening from someone who was already coming to this subdivision tomorrow to look at another rental.  It would be miraculous if we found a serious lessee this quickly, but I guess stranger things have happened.  It's unlikely but not impossible.

So much to do...


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