Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two days post-surgery

I came home yesterday afternoon and am firmly planted in my recliner with an occasional venture out and about.  I was able to take a shower this morning and then Christine and I took a short walk down the street.  It's a beautiful day and the temperature is just perfect. 

I'm keeping on top of the pain with valium at night, meloxicam and extra-strength tylenol.  At this point, I am not sure I hurt much more than I did from the seroma that caught us all off guard.  It was painful and now it is gone. Actually, most of the feeling is gone and is likely to remain so.  How much sensation returns is a good question. 

The drains are a pain, as we knew they would be.  I have to empty them and record the contents each time.  Once the draining slows way down, they can be removed.  That won't happen until a week from Thursday when I go to the plastic surgeon.  We are keeping the drains corraled in some really comfy hoodies that have pockets on the inside.  They are brightly colored and zip up the front.  At $10 each, these things are an ultimate bargain.

Although the surgeon had to remove two levels of lymph nodes, she did not make a separate incision near my armpit.  She was able to get to them without any additional damage, so I am glad that I don't have to deal with that pain (and another drain).

Christine and Rick are taking really good care of me.  And I am thankful for the flowers, cards, phone calls and well-wishes from all of you.



  1. Sounds like you are doing well. There is something about a recliner when sick. That's where I plunk myself too.

    Thanks for the update.


  2. Thanks for letting us know how you're doing, Michelle. My internet was down, and I was gone all day. I'm glad you only have to do the drains for a week, and that you didn't have to have an incision by your armpit.