Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's been a productive day

Hi everyone! I went to the plastic surgeon today and got the right drain removed. Everything is healing nicely and I have to go back next Thursday to get the left drain removed and hopefully get a little fill.  My "little girl" figure is rather amusing and I'll appreciate having a bit of a shape back in a few weeks.

I think I've located a suitable place for my mom, so we should be able to move her back to NH into this place (in Bedford, NH) and hopefully never have to move her again. My kids are going to check out the place and make sure it's the perfect new home for her. Once that's done, getting a place for Rick and I will be easy. There are lots of vacancies and we have a realtor working with one of my sons. They are going to see a couple of placse tomorrow afternoon that look promising, and one is within 45 minutes of all the family, and maybe 10-15 minutes from mom's likely new home.
I have a dear friend who is a Professor of Community Health Nursing at Northeastern and she is very well connected in the Boston medical scene. She contacted an oncology nurse associated with Dana Farber, who called me this morning and we had a nice long discussion about getting treatment through DF. They have a satellite center in NH so I can go to the main DF for designing the plan, then the satellite center will implement. She is also involved in the DF clinical trials so she is going to look at the ongoing trials and let me know which ones I should consider.

I am so very fortunate to have such an extensive support system. There are so many breast cancer patients out there who have to struggle for everything, to get information, for insurance coverage, for a shoulder to lean on, etc. Never before have I felt so loved, cared for and protected.

Please don't worry, I will survive.



  1. Thanks for catching us up and letting us help you anyway we can with this journey


  2. Dana Farber is certainly one of the very best. My church friend who has had a recurrence of her ovarian cancer goes there weekly. She's in an experimental program and so far everything looks good for her and she just loves everyone there. If you can make that happen, it would be just wonderful.