Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update from today's doctor appointments and lunch at Max's AutoDiner

Today I had two doctor appointments - the oncologist first, followed by the plastic surgeon.  The oncologist appointment was fairy uneventful.  We discussed the results of the PET scan, she didn't have the pathology report from the surgery, and we talked about potential chemo regimes.  I asked her about some targeted radiation for the mammary nodes and she explained why it would be dangerous, with possible heart/lung damage.  I told her that I would be moving and going to Dana Farber, and she was genuinely enthused for me.  Too bad she wasn't my onco last year, things may have been different.  I like her a lot and trust her opinions.  She looked at my mastectomy scars and the beginnings of my reconstruction, and she was very pleased and said that she thought I would end up very happy with the results.  For anyone around here who might ever need an oncologist, her name is Dr. Gupta-Burt and she offices in Building D at the Menorah complex, Midwest Cancer Care. 

After the oncologist appointment, we headed to Dr. Cannova, the plastic surgeon.  The first thing he did was remove the left drain...yeahhhh!!!  He took a look at the incisions and they are healing well.  I do still have some bruising on the left side, so he didn't want to do a fill.  The skin is extremely thin and sensitive, so it needs more time to heal.  He suggested I could use a warm compress on the area to increase blood flow, which sounds like a plan.  He told me I could switch to wearing camisoles instead of the compression-type sports bras, which will be far more comfortable.  We talked about the swelling that I am experiencing late in the day/evening and he said it's normal.  He gave me a referral for physical therapy, so I'll have to get that started in the next few days.  I go back next Thursday and hopefully I'll get a few cc's of saline to pump me up.  I'm thinking this is like injecting salty brine into a turkey

Once all the "doctoring" was done, we went to Max's AutoDiner and met up with about 20 or so friends and former co-workers.  I am humbled by the number of people who took time out of their day to come and have lunch with me.  Well, OK, I did pick a pretty nice sunny pleasant day, the first we've had in more than a week!  It was so nice to see everyone and we shared good conversation, burgers and tater tots, hugs and well-wishes.  One of the gals who came had inflammatory breast cancer several years ago, went through all the treatment and has been cancer-free for (I think) more than five years.  Seeing her today, healthy and cancer-free, was very inspiring. 

I've made so many good friends while living here, and I will miss seeing all of you.  But then, with Facebook, Skype and who knows whatever new technology comes our way in the next few years, we'll be seeing each other one way or another.  And besides, I'll be just a plane ride away!



  1. Oh Michelle, I'm so glad you got your drain out today. Awesome! I'm also really happy to hear about how well your friend is doing with her breast cancer treatments. The luncheon with all your good friends sounded really wonderful. I love all the support you are getting!

    What a great day!

  2. Sounds like your healing is progressing well. What good news.

    Your luncheon sounds like it was fantastic. How wonderful that you have so many people in your corner.

    Continuing to think of you and wish you well,


  3. Hopefully, you can get that ball rolling very, very soon. Your healing sounds like it's right on track. Wonderful.

    Glad you had fun at lunch. Impromptu party. Always the best. Lots of laughs and good times.


  4. Michelle, I'm happy that the appointments went fairly well. You must feel even better about the impending move after your doctor's response to Dana Farber.

    The lunch party sounds like it was lots of fun. It always helps to have the support of good friends.