Saturday, April 9, 2011

PET Scan results

I got a call from the oncologist last night and spoke to my breast surgeon this morning.  The news was not as good as we hoped, and not as bad as it might be.  There is no bone or organ involvement, but there is likely lymph node involvement.  Two nodes in the axillary area show cancer activity, and one in the intramammary area (if you touch the chest area between the breasts, you'd be pretty much right there).  The axillary nodes will be removed and dissected, and I have requested the breast surgeon attempt to remove the intramammary node.  I'm not comfortable leaving it there and waiting until chemo and/or radiation finally delivers the death blow.  There is too much time to inflict more damage from what appears to be an especially aggressive cancer.  She said she'll take it if she can find it easily.  Removing all the intramammary nodes involves thoracic surgery and they just don't do that.  Pretty sure I wouldn't want it, either. 

Just trying to breathe ... 46 hours and counting until surgery.  Really needing my "warrior attitude" to take over.



  1. Michelle:

    I am continuing to pray my ass off. Please make every effort to relax as much as possible.

    I know you will be happy to see Christine tomorrow night.

    Be at peace.


  2. I am pulling for you also. As David said try to relax you will do fine.


  3. Thinking about you tonight as you face surgery tomorrow.