Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One week out, staying strong

Sitting here, enjoying my DunkinDonuts coffee this morning, and appreciating the fact that so far, my side effects have been relatively mild.  I did not have any bone pain from the Neulasta shot - maybe the Claritin did the trick.  My funky chemical mouth taste has mostly subsided and I can drink my coffee and Diet Coke.  My mouth is a little sore so I have been swishing with a salt/baking soda solution in an effort to ward off the mouth sores and thrush.  My appetite has been good but I cannot eat spicy food as my esophagus seems to be overly-sensitive; and I am taking Prilosec to keep the heartburn at bay.  We learned that charcoal lighter fluid was a nausea trigger and solved that problem with a new gas grill, which was in the plan anyways.  So far, so good.

Yesterday Rick and I got a laugh as I had an "ah ha" moment.  He had been working all day, continuous conference calls.  His office is not yet set up (a must do this weekend!) so he has commandeered the living room, which puts him right in the middle of anything I am trying to do.  So at about 6 p.m., I cut up some lean sausage from our local butcher shop (yeah, really lean as it turns out), peppers and onions to throw on the grill.  And as I walked by him to start cooking, he looked at me and asked if I felt well enough to be doing the cooking.  I gave him the "of course I am!" answer, then laughed and said "geez,  I am really stupid!  I am not milking this for all it's worth!"   Gotta give the man a break...he did, after all, pack up our entire household and drive it 1500 miles.  I think I can manage a little cooking right now!!!

We are loving our lakefront home.  Even though it's tiny, we are finding ways to adapt, make use of every square inch of storage, and best of all, really use the outdoor living space.  We've eaten dinner lakeside almost every night and it is just so pleasant and relaxing. 

Couldn't ask for more!



  1. Michelle, sounds wonderful...And I'm so glad that you are experiencing "lake front" living.


  2. I was wondering how Rick was managing his work situation. Yes, he does need an office!! He must have lots of self control - I might have commandeered the deck and would get nothing done!! This place sounds pretty perfect for where you are in your life right now. I'm happy to hear the side effects from treatment are on the mild side.