Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fill 'er up...not

I am finished with fills, yeahhhh!!!  That drive to Boston is insane; actually, the drive out of Boston was the worst - getting there wasn't so bad.  I flew solo today so I relied on my phone GPS, which did a great job getting me right to the valet parking area of Brigham & Women's Hospital.  The plastic surgery office is almost just inside the doors, so it was perfect.  The route from the hospital back to Acton took me right up to the Citgo sign near Fenway Park.  It was really, really busy around there and traffic crawled for about 30 minutes.

I asked Dr. Hergreuter if he thought I had enough "fat" for the DIEP reconstruction that I really wanted to have in the first place.  He took a look, felt around, and stated that he thought it was very possible if I would be happy being the size of my current expansion.  I said yes, that would do just fine.  So, I had one more fill today.  I won't go back for at least three months.  Then I'll go for a consult with a DIEP surgeon who will be able to make the final determination.  If it can be done, it would be about this time next year.  I'll need a few months to heal after radiation, which should be finished around Christmas.

I really like the idea of reconstruction that doesn't involve foreign objects in my body.  Implants last, on average, about 15 years.  I don't want to be in my 80's and have to consider having a leaky silicone implant removed! 

So, I must not lose any weight during chemo.  This will be my mantra.  Most people do gain a few pounds and hopefully I'll be in the majority.  About 5 pounds.  That's all.


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