Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 2- Starting out Good

It's a pretty morning here on Arlington Pond, although there are showers in the forecast. I love being able to sit outside, drink my coffee and watch the lake.

I'm feeling OK this morning, a little better than yesterday actually. I had my Neulasta shot yesterday afternoon and so far I am not feeling any pain. Not sure how long it takes for those side effects to kick in. Here's a link to the official Neulasta website if you want to learn more:

I may not have the common bone pain that accompanies Neulasta because I'm already on an anti-inflammatory. That would be a nice gift from the chemo!

I did have a bit of nausea late yesterday afternoon, and I am thinking that the charcoal lighter fluid was the trigger. We will have to pick up a gas grill - we had a natural gas grill in Missouri but we left it with the house. There's no natural gas at our house. And if charcoal lighter is going to be a nausea trigger, it needs to be banned for now.

After a light dinner last night, we went for a short walk. We didn't get very far - maybe 10 minutes away, then we turned around. I noticed I was a bit winded and tired. I had taken Compazine before dinner and its sedative effect may have been the cause of my fatigue. I fell asleep on the couch at 9, then we went to bed at 10. I took an Ativan just to be sure and was asleep in seconds.

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