Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It is a beautiful morning on Arlington Pond, could not ask for more! 

I want to wish Happy Father's Day to all the "dads" in my world, but especially to my husband who married me more than 31 years ago.  He got an instant family that included three kids, and then we had one of our own.  He has taught our kids,  among other things, playfulness and spontaneity that have provided many giggles and laughs along the way.   He is 60 going on  And I wouldn't want him to be anything different.  I love you, Rickie!

I am feeling pretty good for this 4th day after treatment.  I actually went to the Red Sox game last night with my son Ron.  Fenway Park is such a perfect place to watch a game (with all due respect to Kauffman Stadium in KC) and it was a beautiful evening even though the Sox lost the game.  And the popcorn tasted pretty good! 

I am noticing a funky taste, and I had to dump my Kona coffee down the drain.  I've also noticed that my beloved Diet Coke doesn't taste very good.  So in the interest of avoiding caffeine withdrawal, I am sipping iced tea this morning.  Icy cold drinks seem to work best, so I'll just go with that for now. 

I seem to have a little shortness of breath when trying to walk fast.  OK, so the guys had to slow down last night when walking to and from the parking lot.  Rick and I tried to take a walk after dinner a couple of days ago and we had to turn around after 10 minutes.  I needed to make sure I could make it all the way without making him carry me piggyback!

One other important observation - my morning blood sugar levels have been very good - upper 90's to just barely over 100.  I think the strategy to reduce the pre-med steroid dose worked very well.  I didn't have the usual steroid rush and crash, and I have been able to sleep.  I understand the need for some steroids, but I wonder why some oncologists use a 3 day protocol and others give steroids only on treatment day.

Time to get moving!


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  1. Glad you are doing "ok". Please don't overdue.