Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are heading east

It's a good Mother's Day, even though I have shed a few tears today.  I am leaving behind some very dear friends, a few breast cancer "sisters" and a home that was as close to my dream house as I will likely ever have.  If we could just put it on a truck and roll it to the waterfront somewhere, it would be perfect.  It's just weird to think that I will probably never step foot in that house again. 

Yesterday, my good friend and BC sister Donna, and I went to the annual Komen Luncheon for Survivors.  It was quite an event, with close to 1400 survivors, co-survivors, and friends in attendance.  Donna launched this event more than a decade ago when she was actively involved in the Komen Foundation, with about 150 attendees.  It's just incredible how it's grown. Susan Komen's daughter was the keynote speaker and it was very inspirational.

 I remember my first Race for the Cure with Donna and John, about 14 years ago.  Rick and I have walked with them almost every year since then.  I was always doing it in honor of Donna and other survivors and in memory of those like Bev Noecker who lived with Stage IV for 20 years.  I could never have dreamed that my name, too, would be written on the backs of my family and friends.  I know I'll be thinking about the 30,000 participants who are likely to be at this year's KC race in August.  By comparison, the Boston Race is tiny...last year there were just 7500 people.  Depending on my health, we may try to do the Boston walk.  Last year it was at the end of September and I walked with my kids, my son-in-law and my grandson.  Our "Hall A$$ For The Cure" t-shirts were the hit of the party and we may submit one for this year's Boston's best team t-shirt contest.

As my friend Paula says, "it's all good!"


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  1. Michelle,

    I just got new shirts for work...The store and Kelloggs sponsering the Race for Life...

    Travel safe