Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plastic surgeon today and bought my cranial prosthesis...

yes, that is what they call the wig when you lose your hair to chemo!  I went to Brian Joseph's and Patty was so wonderful.  She tried on several styles, colors, then Rick and I decided on our favorite, which can be used in a pool, a lake or at the ocean.  Since we will be living on the water, we decided it would be a good idea to get the "multi-purpose" model.  It is the wig model shown above (Brooke); but by the time Patty was finished styling it for me, it was cut into nice, fluffy layers, much more like my natural hair, and it looks pretty darn good.  I think if you didn't know, you would never guess!  And it's much lighter than the usual wigs, so it won't be too hot in the summer heat.  And it's amazingly close to my own hair color (if you're not looking at the greys ;>)  I am ready.

I saw the Plastic Surgeon this morning and everything looks very good.  I got a fill which didn't hurt at all, and he told me he had originally filled me with 200 cc's.  So I think I'm 2/3 of the way to the capacity of the tissue expanders, although they will probably overfill them a bit because radiation takes its toll. 

We picked up records at the breast surgeon's office, went to the pathology lab and signed the release so they will send the tissue block to Dana Farber, then after going to Brian Joseph's we went to lunch.

After lunch, the painter came by and we picked a new exterior house color (I'm having a hard time caring a whole  Then I was off to the bank for a couple of cashiers checks, the doctor's office to pick up some paperwork for my mom, then to WalMart to get some prescriptions refilled, then met a friend/breast cancer survivor and her friend for drinks and dinner. 

I wonder why I am tired tonight!  Gonna chill out and watch American Idol now!



  1. The hair looks good. I'm sure on you it will look better.


  2. Cranial prosthesis. That's a new one.

    You'll look darling in it.


  3. You make me laugh. Cranial prosthesis, with men they call it a rug.

    Fill her up with Ethyl... LOL.

    That's what I thought of when I read your post.


  4. Oh yeah...I got to see the wig! It's just perfect, Michelle. Hmmm, you can wear it swimming.
    How great is THAT! Good choice for your coloring, too. ENJOY!

  5. Cranial prosthesis! I can't stop laughing! It's very attractive and I think the color will look great on you.


  6. Great choice, Michelle. I continue to be amazed by your positive and upbeat approach to the lemons life has handed you. Positive thinking is really helpful in recovering from illness.

    BTW, I just read an article in Prevention magazine regarding the successful use of acupuncture for cancer patients who are undergoing chemo. You may want ot explore this, if you have not already done so.