Monday, May 9, 2011

Spent the night in Indianapolis....

...near the airport.  I got an early wake-up call as mom woke up a bit disoriented.  I could hear her muttering "I don't know where I am" so I called out to her and she settled down for a few minutes.  But by then, I was awake.  Plus the air traffic began at 6:00 or so, it's a noisy area. 

Yesterday's travels were uneventful.  We had a brief traffic jam near Terre Haute in a construction area.  Otherwise, it was pretty smooth sailing.  The trailer does a number on the gas mileage - we are averaging just 15 mpg, we usually get about 24-25 on highway trips.  Gas prices are in excess of $4 a gallon and my car needs premium, but what are you going to do?  So we are working our way through the morning showering/cleaning up routine, we'll have breakfast here then continue on to Pittsburgh.  We should arrive there mid to late afternoon. 

Getting closer to the final destination!!!



  1. God's speed my friend. Been thinking about you yesterday and today. Be safe!

  2. Here's hoping you will be in PA when you read this.

    Drive safe.