Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looks like I'll be able to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend

Got a call from the Londonderry Dana Farber office and the first opening with a female oncologist is June 1st at 11:00 a.m.   Not as quick as I would like, but with the holiday weekend approaching, it's not a surprise.  I might be able to venture to the beach on Memorial Day weekend, assuming the sun ever again shows up here!  And if the stars and planets all line up in the universe, we might actually move in to our lake house early enough that we would be there when treatment starts. 

And another mission accomplished - I picked out a new sectional sofa with chaise and ottoman which will be ready for delivery by June 9th.  Another small miracle as most of the custom orders take 6-10 weeks.  And I negotiated free delivery.  And stayed within the price range I was expecting for just the sofa and chaise.  Yeahhhhh!!!!!

And I drove 154 miles today, from Milton, MA to Bedford, NH, to Nashua, NH, back to Bedford then to Acton, MA.

I'm just a little tired right now...LOL!!!



  1. You've been a busy bee today. I was thinking of you and almost called. David said you had a busy day so I figured you'd post sooner or later.

    Great deal on the sofa!


  2. Lots of mission accomplished. The relaxing Memorial Day weekend might be just what you need.


  3. I agree with Linda. Starting treatment after the long weekend will give you a chance to relax and enjoy it. It would really suck to feel under the weather on the first long weekend of Summer.

    I will try real hard to steer the sunny weather we are getting here across the nation to you on the east coast. I have about 9 days to get it done in.


    Finally my birthday falls on a holiday again. I never used to have to go to school on my birthday.

  4. Well the long range forecast for here calls for more of the same cold, dreary, rainy weather. I hope it changes between now and then!

  5. I'm glad you got so much accomplished today. Great deal on the sofa, chaise and ottoman. I am surprised on the speedy delivery.

    It's great you will be able to enjoy the holiday weekend before the beginning of the chemo. I think this is what the doctor ordered.

  6. Gosh Michelle, good news on that sofa, chaise, and ottoman. You got a great deal all around. I hope it gets here soon to enjoy! What color is it? Enjoy!

    I hope you can get to the beach over the weekend.

  7. Michelle, it sounds like you got a lot done. I know you must be anxious to get the treatment underway, but it will be nice to enjoy the Memorial Day activities.