Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yikes! Got the results and there's nothing much to cheer about...

except that I still feel fine.  Just fine.  But I guess I'm not quite fine.

From my PET scan report:

"Progression of metastatic disease in the left supraclavicular region, left
superior mediastinum, left axilla, left hilum and left lung.
Slight improvement of left subcarinal lymph node since previous study of

My oncologist at the local Dana Farber clinic is talking to Dr. Chen at DF in Boston and the search is on for an appropriate clinical trial.  I had sort of figured out that there was progression from looking at my copy of the scans (remember, I'm getting my PhD in Breast Cancer Studies and I think I just passed the radiologist exam!).  You put the crosshairs on a spot that looks like it doesn't belong, and the software tells you the "SUV" uptake.  It's easy to find out that you want that uptake to be less than 2.0, so when you start seeing 5+ or 15+, then you know...

SUV stands for standardized uptake value, and it is a measure of how much radioactive glucose the cancer area "ingests" (for lack of a better description).  I have one axilla node that is measuring at 15, which is comparable to maximum race car speed. 

OK, well, spur of the moment...going to Christine's for Chinese food so time to end this. 

Time for a breakthrough and a cure! 


  1. Michelle...I'm so sorry to hear the newest news! You "will" beat this thing! Eat some Chinese food for me, too! In fact, throw in sweet and sour, and anything else you want, and start over again tomorrow! You are already enjoying every moment in every day! Cancer doesn't play fair sometimes!


  2. I am sory to hear that. You have been a fighter, continue to fight and research and keep that positive attitude. I just love how you have researched all the name and letter and numbers to everything. You are truly a inspiration as I have said before. Fight the good fight. laschon

  3. It was awesome Chinese Food followed by impromptu dancing and karaoke-like singing! She's got a lot of life yet to live and we're not going to miss any chance to celebrate it. Thanks for making the drive, mom!

  4. I totally agree. I am not anonymous can not get to post anyother way. She used to helped me through the techy stuff at work. LOL You guys are a great family and support system for your mom. I am so glad that she is close to her faimly. laschon

  5. Michelle, I just didn't want to see that when I logged into the blog. Damn. Enough is enough. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that a clinical trial will be found ASAP. I can't believe how aggressive this thing is acting. I just can't imagine the riot of thoughts and emotions roiling through you. We all feel so helpless at times that we can't do anything to help. Just know that we are here and support you in any decision you make.