Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The clinical trial is open!

I got a call today from the Dana Farber clinical trial and ARQ 197 is officially open. I am going on Friday for all the pre-testing, and "day 1" should be a week from Friday assuming I pass all the testing. There is no reason to think I won't so that is really good news. This clinical trial is specific to metastatic triple negative cancer, my type. And it has already been tested with lung and liver cancer, and the results were good. I am anxious to begin treatment - it's a bit nerve-racking to be dangling out here knowing you have active cancer and not being on something. Oh yes, please do go back and look at how vehemently against chemo I was just about two years ago. Now I am worried if I'm not on something. My, how things have changed! From everything I've read, this chemo has relatively mild side effects. No hair loss, not much nausea, a little fatigue and the usual low blood level issues. With anemia comes fatigue. I'll have to check and see if I can take my pre-natal vitamins with this stuff. And life goes grandson Alex is spending the night tonight. Tomorrow we are going to Odiorne Point State Park (which is a bit of a marine life exhibit) and then to Hampton Beach for some fun in the waves. The weather is perfect and I'm sure we'll have a great day. Next week I am going with Rick to Atlantic City for a few days. He has to be near Philadelphia so we are staying at Caesar's Palace on the Boardwalk, I'm going to enjoy the sun, surf, and slots while he is working. Poor thing, hardly seems fair!

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