Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time for The Prouty

Last July our family made the drive to beautiful Dartmouth, NH, to participate in The Prouty, a fund raiser for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center: 

Our team name is Sweetie and Her Sweat Hogs - named in honor of my son's lovely partner, Christine Sweetser.  Without her encouragement, none of us would have participated in this great event last year.  She is a physical therapist, a tri-athlete, and a wonderful part of our family.  She lost her own mom to cancer, so it was natural for her to get involved in this event.  And last year she was accompanied by several of our family members who biked more miles than they probably have ever biked at one time, in such mountainous yet beautiful terrain.

It was such a great event, and everyone felt so good about it (after they recovered, of course!) that we are doing it again. 

Like all of these fundraiser events, we are encouraged to solicit donations.  I'm attaching a link to our team page in case you'd like to support our cause. 

Thanks in advance for your continued support - both emotionally and in every other way!


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