Saturday, June 30, 2012

Healthcare law upheld - a discussion

In case you're interested in what breast cancer patients think about the Health Care Act, here is a very good discussion.  Within it, you will find external links to summary information and some timeline information - when certain provisions will take effect.  It's worthy of your time to check this out.

For those of you who feel this should be a states rights issue, there is a provision where a state can set up its own plan that provides the same level of care.  The state can go to the Heath and Human Services department and gain approval of their plan, assuming it meets the criteria.

And Congress and Congressional staff will now be offered the same insurance offered to those in the insurance exchanges.  No more "special" plans for them - they will have to live within the system like the rest of us.

Whether you agree with a national healthcare plan or not, there are many provisions that MOST of us agree are good. 

Read and learn.

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