Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tumor markers up a little

Not exactly good news, but not totally unexpected either...

My CA27.29 (tumor markers) came back at 91 as of Wednesday.  It was 55.8 at the end of April when last measured.  My oncologist reminded me that I didn't start treatment for several weeks and I've only completed 1 1/2 cycles of Xeloda.  So it isn't exactly a fair assessment of whether or not Xeloda is working for me because we don't know where I was the day I started treatment.  We'll use the 91 as a baseline and test again in mid-August.  I have a PET/CT scan scheduled for August 6, and that should give us some idea - if there is stability or regression, that will be great.  If the cancer has progressed, I'll be lobbying for another chemo to accompany the Xeloda, or we head in a completely different direction.

I continue to look and feel like a completely normal, healthy human being. 


  1. Michelle, sorry it wasn't better news. Hopefully the scan will show something better.

  2. Michelle - I hope the Xeloda kicks in soon. As always, you remain in my prayers.


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  4.'ve "never" been normal! That's what makes you so special and fun to know. It's true that you didn't start the treatment right away, and probably just need more time to tell if the treatment is working just yet. Aug. 6th will be more telling. We're totally with you, my friend.

  5. Michelle, I'm sorry you didn't get better news. Hopefully the 8/6 test will show improvement.