Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Dancing is in Order!!!

My oncologist sent me this message a short time ago:

Hi there,

It looks great. The report says there is a new spot in the liver, but that is compared to December. We don’t know what that looked like before we started the gemzar. The chest looks fantastic, and the adrenal lesion is no longer active.

So, let’s keep going with the gemzar!
Actually, I think the liver met was there according to my CAT scan in January.
So what we have here is significant regression!  Woohoo!!!! 
Gemzar is my miracle drug!


  1. Music to my ears: "significant regression." Dancing is, indeed, in order! Happy, happy, happy day!


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  7. Michelle, I just got home from the zoo, and saw this fantastic news! My body is screaming with enthusiastic excitement. Basically...I'm just so happy to hear this good news from your doctor. No one deserves this more than you. I know so many people work so hard, but I know "you", and know how you've handled every step, every new treatment, all the radiation, chemo, your attitude, fun times, disappointments, etc. Of course, I'm not there, not in your shoes, but I get a good sense of how hard you've worked on this. I sent the news of this medicine to my other friend. She's going to check with her doctor on this medicine. What works on your body may not work on someone else, but keep going,Michelle! BIG HUGS!

  8. Oh yes a happy dance is being done here in WI as well. That is such great news. I'll keep praying. Deb

  9. I hope you danced your weekend away. May you have many more years to dance away also.


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