Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things are running a little slow here today

We arrived at Dana Farber at 10:15 and it's now 12:30 and I'm still not hooked up.  Ugh!  The impact of the holiday is taking its toll.  I did just now get my pre-meds and the saline is now connected.  Everything is just slow and my laptop, which has a fairly extended battery life, is going to die before I'm done. 

My labs look good although Red Blood Count is a little below the range.  My whites are fine, my hemoglobin is teetering on the low end of the range, and my lymphocytes are way low.  My glucose was 105 (go me!)  All that said, chemo is a go for today.  Dr. Walsh reduced my decadron from 6 mg to 4 mg.  Maybe by the time I've had a few more treatments, we'll be able to eliminate it completely.

I lost two pounds since last week, probably because nothing tastes particularly good (except the Popeye's chicken and mashed potatoes I had yesterday) and many foods are too dry for me to enjoy.  The weight loss is making up for the pound a week I gained last summer when taking Xeloda.  I hated to see a chemo fail, but I would have been a blimp if I had continued on it for much longer!!! Even my beloved popcorn seems to be hard to swallow, as do other salty foods.  I'm beginning to understand my good friend's preference for sweet things.  Maybe I can jazz up that popcorn to make it more appealing!  Or I'll just have to eat all that sugar-free chocolate I got for

I had some mild nausea after the last treatment - a little like morning sickness.  A little compazine and some food usually took care of the problem.  Hopefully this treatment will be no worse.  I'm counting on it being uneventful - we have planned a trip to Florida after my next treatment (we are leaving on the 10th for 10 days).  I am looking forward to some nice warm sunshine and beach time.


  1. You deserve a great relaxing trip after all this! Keep up your strength- continuing to pray for through your fight! LE

  2. Good Morning, Michelle! It sounds a little more challenging this time. When you can't eat your favorite foods it surely is tougher. They do have chocolate drizzled popcorn. I've seen that at Costco before the holidays. They only had two little cone bags of it in the whole package, though. I tasted one popcorn piece at the Christmas party, and yum! Are you able to eat dark chocolate almonds, or are nuts too dry, too?
    Ah...Florida sounds perfect! You could use some warmth and sunshine! In fact that sounds pretty neat to me. Thinking about you!!

  3. My go to would be ice cream - no sugar added of course!


    1. And we each have a quart of our favorite flavor in the freezer. Right now I have peppermint stick, but alas, it's not sugar-free. I don't eat that much at a time so it's not a big deal. Hubby's favorite is toasted coconut - no danger of me getting into that flavor!

  4. I hope everything goes more smoothly Michelle. I'd go to the ice cream also.

  5. Michelle, wish it wasn't bothering your taste buds. Hoping you can find the right things so your blood work isn't effected. You said maybe soup, there are so many kinds.

    Thinking of you


  6. Making my favorite chicken soup tomorrow. I'll even eat it for breakfast.

  7. Hi Michelle what about Carmel popcorn (of course in moderation). Right now you really can't be too concerned about your sugars you'll get that back in order when you are done with your treatments.

    My prayers continue that these treatment work. Enjoy your vacation to FL you need it.

  8. How annoying to have to wait around. The whole process is so stressful as it is, the extra wait just makes it worse.

    I would go for the ice cream. Of course it is my favorite food group - oh wait, I guess that really isn't a food group by itself, is it. Dang!