Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Road to Kauai

Little kitchen - sitting area
Beautiful seashore

Our suite with lanai over looking the Bay

We were planning to go to Hilton Head or some other warm location along the eastern seaboard but the extended forecast for now through the 18th promised lots of temps in the 60s unless we went all the way down to Miami, which would require tickets and $300 a  night accommodations if we wanted to have an oceanview hotel room. 
Well, guess what?  It's not that much more to cross the Pacific and head to Hawaii.  The accommodations are half the price and who wouldn't rather be in Kauai than Miami?  And Rick will get to play golf so he is one happy camper. 
And today I finally got the super drug that should mean the end of the nausea that I've been putting up with since starting this chemo protocol.  Emend is a wonder drug and if it works as well as before, I am finished addressing the porcelain goddess.
So off we go on 2/7 and head to our favorite island.  The details are almost complete.  The tickets are purchased, the car is reserved, the cottage is reserved and I just need to reserve our ride to the airport and PACK!!!
And I can eat potato chips!!! First time in many weeks that a chip taste good to me and I can swallow them.  Can popcorn be far behind?   Thank you, Emend!!! 


  1. Michele,
    Glad to hear that the mets are melting and now, hopefully, the nausea will be in the past too. A diet of chips, popcorn and sundaes sounds great to me but it will be good if you can tolerate a bit more variety without getting nauseous. You and Rick enjoy your Hawaii vacation as you both deserve a rest in the sunshine - and on the golf course.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Doreen

  2. Emend rocks!! Have a fun time in the sun :)

  3. What a nice place for a winter vacation. Do you think I'll fit in one of your suitcases???


  4. Hawaii sounds heavenly to Linda and me right now. We have never been there.

    I am so happy the Emend is working for you. I love grapefruit. I used to chug the juice. Can't touch it now cause of the bp meds. No Squirt either. :( Linda's sister has a tree in her yard. Had one fresh off the tree when we stayed there 20 years ago.

    Thinking of you as always and my best wishes and thought are with you.


  5. Not to worry, Doreen. The Emend has really helped and I can eat real food - chicken stirfry with lots of veggies, Greek yogurt with berries, sausage patty with an egg, spaghetti with meat sauce, and a little steak with salad and sweet potato. Plus some nice soups. Much better and I will not take another dose of carbo without having my Emend in hand. It's $8 a week for the drug...that is a no brainer!

  6. Hi Michelle yea for the wonder drug. So glad you can eat now without the sickness. Enjoy your trip to the islands, sounds like fun. See you when you get back. Prayers will follow you. Deb