Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monday - Day 3

And we were off to the Eiffel Tower.  We arrived about 11:30 and made our way around the grounds, took our required pictures, then made our way to Le Jules Verne for our 1:00 p.m. reservation.  A private elevator whisked us up to the second floor, but send hubby back to our apartment for a wardrobe change.  He was in neat golf shorts, but they didn't allow men in  Sloppy jeans or shorts on women were OK, but the golfing shorts with a polo shirt didn't meet their dress code.  Luckily, he found an efficient taxi driver who got him back to the apartment, waited while he changed, and delivered him back to the restaurant in just about 20 minutes. 

Here we were in the Eiffel Tower and we had to wait, so we ordered pink champagne and toasted being in Paris, in the Eiffel Tower, and enjoying some absolutely fabulous weather.

Rick returned, he ordered his champagne, and we proceeded to enjoy an absolutely fabulous lunch while taking in the view.  The service was spectacular, the food was memorable and the desserts were just ridiculous! 

The desserts were masterpieces that you almost hated to disturb, and they tasted as good as they looked.  But we were so full that we could really just sample them.  By the way, in that little white bowl is a mound of homemade marshmallows!

After our two hour dining experience, we went outside to take pictures and enjoy the view.  Allison was not allowed to ascend to the top, so we parked her in a good spot and the rest of us took the lift the rest of the way.  Once you get off the lift, you still have a stairway to climb to the "top" or as far as you can go.  It's nice to say we got to the top, but the view wasn't really any better than what you get at the second level.

Les Invalides - view from 2nd level of Eiffel Tower

Here we are at the top of the tower

After coming off the tower, we walked down to the river and hopped on a boat cruise for a one hour narrated tour.  It was relaxing and a nice way to top off our day. 

We returned to our apartment to relax, then we all decided that we needed dinner.  It was probably about 9:30 or so and we all craved crepes.  So the wonders of the internet, we found a little place called Mumbles about 3 blocks from us.  The reviews we read were promising so we took off hoping the food would be as good as the reviews.  We were not disappointed - it's a neighborhood place, not unlike a local pizza joint, with about 4 tall tables and stools.  They deliver crepes the way pizza is delivered here in the US...well, almost, as they use bikes instead of cars.  The menu was in French, but one of the delivery guys helped us figure out our order.  Each crepe was made individually and delivered right out of the pan, fresh and delicious.  So in the same day, we had the most expensive and probably the least expensive meals of our trip. 
These crepes are so worthy!  They tasted as good as they looked!  Highly recommend!
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