Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Expanders are out, everything went well

Just got home about an hour ago. We even stopped and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse (now I know how Rick intends to feed me over the next couple of days).

We got to the hospital around 10:30 and they got me ready. Even though I drank plenty up until about 7:30 this morning, the first attempt at an IV was a failure so I showed the nurse where to make the second attempt. The anesthesiologist was there along with three other nurses - it was quite a party - so the poor nurse was under a lot of pressure!

The doctor came in and marked me up about 11:45 and they took me away at about 12:20. I remember getting from the guerney to the OR table, then it was lights out until I woke up in the Recovery Room about 2:30 or so. Apparently, unbelievably, my Kansas Plastic Surgeon had put in 600 cc tissue expanders rather than the 375 cc ones that he told me he had inserted. So the removal took longer than expected. I guess I missed a big opportunity to be "boobalicious" It's no wonder those things were so uncomfortable, they were way, way too big for me. Rick was starting to get a little worried because of the additional time involved. But everything was ok.

I was awake in the recovery room for probably 45 minutes. They gave me a snack and a drink, my discharge information and then I got dressed and was out of there. We were at Texas Roadhouse at just past 4 p.m. and we were back in the car at 4:40!

It's nice to be able to take a deep breath and not feel those obnoxious expanders! I'm not in any pain at all, surprisingly. You'd think it might hurt a little. Maybe the anesthesia is still doing its job, or I was already numb from the mastectomies and it's just not going to hurt that much. In any case, I have prescriptions for three days of antibiotics and some Tylenol with Codeine, in case I need it later.

The surgeon told Rick that he "looked around inside" after he removed the expanders and everything looked very good. That is very good, indeed!  And he just called to check on me and make sure I was doing well.  The care has been excellent!

Recovery should be simple, I can shower tomorrow and resume all of my normal activities except I have a 10 pound weight restriction until I go back to see the doctor in 10-14 days.
I guess next week will include a shopping trip for some prostheses and appropriate bras.  That should be another fun experience. 


  1. Michelle,

    I wish with my whole heart and soul you have a good outcome from this.

    I guess that is ll I can find words to say. I wanted to forward you something my Aunt who has cancer sent to my Dad, but i don't have your current email address.

    I ahve been asking her for a time when we could visit for the last month. All i get in reply isI hope I can see before you leave. It may never happen.

    Always remember you are an ECaP.


  2. Kevin - my email is I think I have your email - I'll check and if I do, I'll send it to you that way.

    Thank you for your always kind comments. I do keep ECaP in mind!

    I hope you get to see your aunt. You might have to just show up at her door...what is she going to do, turn you away???


  3. I don't know where she lives.

    My Grandmother's friends (those still alive) say I always was a kind, courteous, and polite child.