Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Just checking in to wish everyone a safe, happy and thoughtful Independence Day.  We are having a few family and friends over this afternoon for some smoked ribs, beans, cole slaw, watermelon and whatever else our guests contribute to the picnic.  It will be a good time, and I'll let everyone else do most of the work.  I'm noticing a little more fatigue this time around...or I'm just trying to do more because I'm generally feeling pretty good.  Either way, I'll try not to overdo.

Rick buzzed my hair down to stubble on Friday night.  It was coming out in handfuls and I wanted to just get it over with.  But, surprisingly, quite a bit is hanging on for dear life!   At day 20, I was expecting my head to be smooth as a baby's butt.  I'm sure it will come, but apparently not quite yet.  The lint roller is doing a good job capturing the loose stuff so I am not shedding everywhere.

Yesterday we drove to Narragansett, RI, to spend the day with our friends Ann and Jack, John and Kara and their two children Jessica and Jackie-boy.  It wasn't beach weather, unfortunately.  But it was lovely weather for hanging out and enjoying everyone's company.  We did walk down to the beach in the afternoon so the kids could play in the sand for a bit.  The roses, hydrangeas and day lilies were in full bloom and it was a lovely walk, although the uphill return trip wore me out a bit.

Enjoy the day!



  1. Gorgeous photos, Michelle. Glad you're enjoying the season; make sure you get enough rest!

    Take care,


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  3. Gosh...I just lost the whole post while I went back to look at your beautiful photos!

    You are doing a great job on your photography, Michelle. The red flowers are some of my favorite flowers to take photos of...they are also high on the allergy list. Red and green make photos pop more. The tree that is leaning over makes for an interesting photo. Good composition!

    I find that walking slowly, I see a lot more with the eye of my camera. You will start appreciating nature even more when you slow down, so maybe that's not a bad thing. Sometimes when I'm on trails and I'm huffing and puffing on the hills, I stop and look around. I see so much at those times. It's good exercise to be doing this, though, and important in your healing.

    Have a great time today.

  4. Great photos! I love hydrangeas - mine are just starting to bloom. They are a deep purple - haven't decided if I'm going to try and change them to blue as the deep purple is really pretty.


  5. Michelle, thanks for sharing your day and your journey.

    You know I LOVE the point and shoot.


  6. My head is just stubble now too.

    If you shave it smooth I will too.

    Are you up to a challenge?