Sunday, June 16, 2013

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!

We should arrive Wednesday mid-afternoon if everything goes as planned.  We are leaving NH, tomorrow morning and plan to drive to Bedford, PA.  Rick has made hotel reservations so we won't be hunting for a hotel at the last minute.  Tuesday's destination is just outside Indianapolis.  You can tell we are getting older - in the past we would aim for 12 hours of driving.  Now that we can take our time, 8 hours is the goal.

I had chemo last Wednesday but I needed a transfusion on Friday.  My next treatment is scheduled for 6/26 but we'll likely push it off for a week.  I could use the break, to be honest.

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  1. Michelle, have a wonderful time! Yes,12 hours is a long time. With my lower back, just a few hours is hard for me. Hope the transfusion is an easy one after the chemo! The break will be good for you! Have fun, my friend!! I'm thinking of you, always!