Friday, November 9, 2012

A scary time...

We went to the ER on Monday morning because I was having neurological problems. A brain PET scan showed that I have brain mets. So I started whole brain radiation on Wednesday -l0 treatments. I will be bald again, probably for a long time if not is I will provide more details when I can type better.


  1. Deb told me your daughter had posted about this on BCO. I'm so sorry. This sucks beyond ... If it's possible to hate this f***ing disease even more now, I do. Sending positive thoughts that the radiation does what it is supposed to do with few side effects. Hang in there. I think about you and send positive vibes every day.


  2. You have an entire cheering squad in the Dinner thread on BCO. Everyone is sending you positive energy and prayers. I have no doubt that you're tougher than this.


  3. Michele,
    So sorry you have to deal with this. But, yes, hair is over-rated - although yours had grown back so nice and full. Mine is coming in slowly but is the wrong color (is white a color?)! Your friends on the TNS site are all thinking of you and holding you tight as you deal with this latest challenge. Kick that f***ing cancer to the curb!
    HUGS, Doreen

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