Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost done!

Today was our 25th trip to Dana Farber for radiation treatments.  I cannot believe how lucky we have been with traffic and weather.  Not a single flake of snow has fallen during our commuting, and we had some drizzle on one trip. 

I have finished with the "full treatments" and now have five boosts to go.  These will be done to the scar area as it is where recurrences tend to happen.  My skin is a mess in the area where the electron beam was zapping my mammary  nodes.  I have second degree burns (about the size of the palm of my hand) and yesterday the Radiation Oncologist decided to change the radiation to the photon type (which is the "usual" treatment) because it is less abusive to the skin.  I have a big supply of Cuticerin gauze (which is impregnated with Aquaphor), tubes of Aquaphor and large abdominal pads to protect my clothes.  It will heal in a couple of weeks.  The rest of my radiated skin has held up well and looks tanned but nothing else is red or sore.

Assuming I am not speaking too soon, I seem to have escaped the fatigue that so many women experience.  Maybe it's because I am not working and I don't "have" to do anything on any specific day.  Or maybe I'm just wired differently.  Or maybe it's those prenatal vitamins I have been taking since my blood counts plummeted during chemo. 

After twenty months of continuous doctor visits and treatment for breast cancer, I am looking forward to the end of active treatment and the month of February, which I have declared a "doctor-free" month.  No treatment, no follow-up visits, nothing, notta...  Just a little trip to the warmer climes of Florida! 


  1. ohh I like the ending and your positive out come and it will happen soon! All my breast ; ) in the new year !!

  2. Michelle I am so glad to hear you are finally coming to the end of treatments. It certainly has been a long road for you and your family.

    I have been praying for complete healing and no recurrences of the cancer. I bet you can't wait until you can go to FL.

    Blessings to you and your family. Deb.

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    You are really blessed. You are really a very positive kind of a person. My best wishes for you to get well soon.
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  4. Enjoy have more than earned a Fantastic time in the warmer sun rays!

  5. Well done Michelle! You are a star. Sitting here in Dublin hoping you are well and all set for Florida. I am about to train in cardioncology, and it's blogs like yours that inspire me so we can keep you safe :)