Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zaps to begin soon

Just got back from my appointment with Dr. Harris, and we now have a plan.  I will go on Thursday for the planning session, which takes about an hour.  I'll get five tattoos (not happy about that) to assist with lining me up for the treatments.  They will make a custom plate to protect my heart.  On 11/29 I will go in for a dry run and CT scan, then radiation will begin on 11/30.  There will be 25 treatments to my chest wall, internal mammary nodes and supra-clavicle nodes.  An additional 5 treatments (boosts) will be directed at my mastectomy scar line.  They will be using electron beam technology as it keeps the radiation closer to the skin and chest wall...shallow...and away from the vital organs. 

Not exactly sure about how the holidays will impact all this; but if my calculations are correct, I will be done on January 9th.  Now we need Mother Nature to postpone winter weather. 


  1. But you already have your Christmas present and your present for your family.....No cancer, the best!!!


  2. You're right, Linda! That is the best!!!


  3. Michelle
    The radiation treatments were very easy for me. The daily drive to and from will be a big challenge for you. I only had to drive 4 miles each way. Don't be concerned about the "tatoos." I got 5 also. They are teeny tiny pin dots and really hard to see. Some gals I met at RT got "sunburned" from the treatment. I just got a suntan. I also used cocoa butter after every treatment. The radiation therapist advised not to use creme or lotion before treatment.

  4. Michelle - Here's hoping we have a mild winter. Generally we don't get any significant snow until after Christmas.


  5. Michelle, I am hoping that nothing interferes with the schedule and that you are finished on time.