Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a miracle, they've seen the light!!!

I got a call from Dana Farber this afternoon and all I can say is "it's about time!"  The financial advisor, Michelle Patch, and my angel chemo nurse Lisa have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get my insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California, to approve my getting the Neulasta shot at the DF satellite clinic in NH.  For some odd reason related to billing codes, Anthem has been stubborn (and I'm trying to be nice) in understanding that the satellite clinic is not the main Dana Farber Hospital in Boston.  So every time I've needed the Neulasta shot, Lisa and Michelle have worked the phones to get approval for me to have the shot, on a one-time basis, so that we wouldn't get stuck with the hefty bill if Anthem decided not to cover it.  I was perfectly willing to take pictures, video, whatever and provide it to Anthem.  You'd think they would realize that this clinic is like hundreds of others across this country - satellites of bigger hospitals set up to take care of chemo patients. 

So yesterday I placed a call to Lori, my RN case manager at Anthem, and said that we needed to get this resolved so that no one would have to spend any more time on this ridiculous issue.  She called me earlier today and promised to try and resolve it.  Well, hallelujah!  I got a call from Michelle at DF and I am now approved for up to four more Neulasta shots.  And Lori told me that Anthem is no longer allowed to deny payment because of where the shot is administered. 

It took a while, but common sense actually won out this tine! 


  1. That's good news. You have enough stress without worrying about being covered for your shot.

    I am wishing all your treatments go well. Enjoy your sunsets across the lake and relax a little for me.


  2. It's about time. It's not like anyone would want the shot unless they needed it. Sometimes protocol makes no sense.


  3. Oh that's such great news, Michelle!!!

  4. It's about time they got their heads out of you know where! Many thanks to all who helped bring this to a satisfactory conclusion.