Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Kindle Reader application, Free ebooks

I was going to post this on the Blogger Babes site, but then I decided that some of the Blogger Dudes might be interested in this, too.

You can download the Kindle application for your laptop, iPad or smartphone, for free, from Amazon:

Then every day Amazon is giving away ebooks, you just download and read.   Sign up here.  You will need an Amazon account to do this, but that's easy.

I have been getting my free book notifications through Facebook.  You can do it that way or get an email, whichever you prefer.  There have been some highly rated books that they are promoting, and there is a wide variety of genres.  I know some of you like the smell and feel of the hard copy book, but it's hard to pass up free.

I hope you find something you like!  I've downloaded quite a few.  I can't read outside on my laptop due to the kids are already talking about getting me a real Kindle or other eReader for Christmas.  I've promised not to buy one in the meantime. 



  1. OK, I intended this to be posted to another blog but it ended up here. It was late, I wasn't paying close-enough attention. But someone may benefit so I'll leave it here.


  2. I like the feel and smell of a real book but this does look interesting. I might try it.

    I guess one advantage to an eReader is you don't need a light source to read in bed!