Thursday, December 2, 2010

The biopsy from hell just keeps on giving...

Today I had my first post-lumpectomy mammogram and ultrasound, which took a really long time. As usual, waiting for results are stressful. And the last thing I wanted to hear was "the radiologist would like to review the results with you." The ultrasound showed 3 or 4 small "nodules" close to the skin surface, at least one of them with vascular involvement. And she recommended doing a biopsy. We then discussed my previous biopsy and the huge hematomas that resulted. And I told her that the surgeon had intended to remove them during my lumpectomy but decided against it because she saw they were being fed by arteries. According to the surgeon, it will take a year for them to be reabsorbed. So, with that knowledge, I said no to a biopsy and agreed that we will do another ultrasound in March just before my next followup with my breast surgeon.

I was mentally prepared for those hematomas to show up and cause concern. I'm glad I was aware of what was going on so that I could actually reassure the radiologist that we could take a "wait and see" approach. As long as they don't get bigger, there's no reason to think there's any trouble brewing. Everything else looked good.

Glad that's out of the way for three months!

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