Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Hall'd A$$ in Boston!

Ready... to Hall A$$
As team captain, Christine made the "honor roll" for the donations to the team.

And our shirts were the hit of the party!  We were asked by race officials to submit a shirt for next year's "team shirt" contest.  We had a great time, everyone was able to walk the 3.1 miles and was still smiling when it was done.  The weather was spectacular and we enjoyed a great lunch on the waterfront after the race.

Surprisingly, the Boston race has just about 7,500 participants while the Kansas City race had well over 30,000 this year.  It was certainly less crowded and a bit more relaxed.

And most importantly, my kids raised about $1500 in donations for this race.  When you add it to the $2000 or so from the KC race and all our entry fees,  Hall A$$ for the Cure raised $4,000!!! 

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways!


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