Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glowing Success!

Yeah, I'm done!  Can you tell???  After 13 CT scans and 10 radioactive treatments, I've definitely got a new look...LOL!

Everything went superbly, the removal process was a big nothing, and I have completed another milestone along this journey.  I feel fine, other than a bit of sleepiness from the one Vicodin I took under pressure from the staff at the clinic.  I really didn't need it as I didn't feel any discomfort when the doctor drained the saline from the balloon and gently pulled it out along with the catheter.  

Everyone was so very nice, they even "hummed" Pomp and Circumstance as they brought me in for my last treatment.  After "graduation" they gave me a "Purple Heart" diploma signed by all the wonderful technicians and nurses.  

The doctor pulled the skin together to close the opening and applied steri strips, which I will need to keep in place until it heals.  Nurse Karen finished the "bandaging" and I was, as they say, outta there!  So, I still can't submerge myself in the pool or a bathtub until the hole heals over.  But I can take a shower carefully and sit in a floatie in the pool, just being careful not to topple in.  I think I can manage that!   I go back in two weeks for a follow-up.

It's going to be nice to sleep tonight without a 4 inch catheter sticking out of me.

Oh, and this is the first time I've seen the "cosmetic" results of the lumpectomy, because the cavity had been inflated for the whole time by the balloon with saline.   Amazing!  My breast surgeon is brilliant!  



  1. Great news!!!

    It may be clear out tonight. I will look to the east for a glow.

    I was going to look for the Northern Lights because we should be able to see them here, but you may eclipse them by your brightness!!

  2. Excellent! You are absolutely glowing! No, really, great attitude in making the best of a difficult situation. Hope you will be able to immerse yourself in the pool real soon.


  3. I'm so happy that everything is going so well, Michelle. Hey, look that blue shimmer to you!
    You could join the Blue Man Group in Vegas. All you need is an instrument. You could borrow your mom's violin!

    Have a restful sleep tonight.

  4. Michelle, I couldn't have come home from work to better news.


  5. Iam so pleased & happy that all went well! Your positive adittude is a big plus!!!!

  6. Michelle, there must be a lot of happy dancing at your house today! It'll be wonderful to get a break from this, and I expect you will be back in the pool in no time.

  7. Michelle, wonderful news! Absolutely love the picture.