Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looks like Shingles Vaccine is Covered after all

Rick did a heroic job of dealing with his medical insurance company.  They will cover the vaccine, great news.  We do, however, have to go to an "in network" pharmacy, which was the problem with the second place we tried.  I guess we'll go back to Walgreen's tomorrow and give them a second try.  I am sure my patience will be more intact if we can go before noon.


  1. I'm so glad that is settled. One less item to stress about.


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  3. Good, Michelle! I hope you have no trouble getting the vaccine. It's so important! Also, great for Rick that he got the insurance for it!
    Hooray for step number two on the Yellow Brick Road to recovery!

    Step #1 you've already done, using laughter(over the wig choices). You know I'm a firm believer with healing from within first. Then, using doctors to heal us.

    That video is so beautiful and inspiring. Every woman should visualize the beauty during their journey with cancer.

    With love and healing thoughts on your journey.

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  5. Oh goodness. A simple vaccine shouldn't be so difficult! Glad the insurance worked out.

  6. Great that you got the vaccine. I've had shingles and it is no fun at all. You sure don't need that making your recovery more difficult.